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What services the laboratory provides

  • Certification tests for approval by the Ministry of Interiors
  • Reaction to fire (D.M. 26.06.84)
  • Resistance to fire (D.M. 21/06/04 and D.M. 16/02/2007)
  • Test reports
  • Research and preliminary tests
  • Tests according to European Standards, conformity with specifications of Corporations and Ministries
  • CE mark for Construction Product Directive – PPE Personal Protective Equipment DIR 89/686
  • Type approval for Marine Equipment Directive MED 96/98 EC

Areas of activity

  • Domestic and public entertainment places (theatre, cinema, disco) hotel
  • Barrack, prison, hospital equipment
  • Railways, aeronautic, nautical fields
  • Protective clothing
  • Building materials
  • Furniture
  • Electrical components and cables

Tests performed

  • Fire resistance test 
  • Reaction to fire tests of bench, medium and large scale
  • Physical or mechanical tests
  • Termal insulation tests
  • Chemical and chemical-physical tests
  • Tests on protective clothingF
  • Fire behaviour
  • Reaction to fire
  • Smoke opacity
  • Fire effluents toxicity
  • Heat release
  • Acoustic performances test
  • Analisys volatile organic compounds (CARB authorization for formaldehyde emission)

Further tests performed

  • resistance to chemical and environmental agents
  • Chemical-physical analysis
  • Physical-mechanical tests
  • Termal insulation
  • Examples of tests performed (AFNOR-ISO-ASTM-FAR JAR 25853 -NFPA- DIN-UNI-UL94-CEI)

What materials the Laboratory perform on

  • Insulators (UNI-ASTM-DIN-BS, ETC..)
  • Floors, floor coverings (UNI-ASTM-DIN-BS, ETC..)
  • Walls and drapery (UNI-ASTM-DIN-BS, ETC..)
  • Ceilings (UNI-ASTM-DIN-BS, ETC..)
  • Cables (CEI) and electrical components (UL94)
  • Upholstered furnishings and mattresses (BS7175-BS7176-BS7177) – 16 CFR 1633
  • should you be interested in materials not listed above, please contact us