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LA.P.I. is a private laboratory which has been active since 1983 in the field of industrial analysis and testing. Specialised in testing reaction to fire (where the company has a leading position on the European level), for some time now LA.P.I. has undertaken analysis in other sectors, while preserving its identity as a fire-testing laboratory. This has enabled increasing the number of services now available to customers and has enabled simultaneous preservation of the leadership gained in about 20 years of specific activity.

LA.P.I. has an organisation comprising 25 employees, split into technical and management staff. The company is located at facilities covering over 2.300 sq.m., split into three laboratories, offices and magazines.

The fire resistance division building is situated in Calenzano (FI) – about 3 km from LAPI main laboratory – and covering about 1.500 sq.m area, where furnaces are used for testing in agreement to national, european, and international methods testing.

The two laboratories (for a total of 3800 m2) offer therefore services to 360° for the inherent activities of testing the field safety and characterization of the materials.