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During its activity, LA.P.I. has been acknowledged by many Italian and foreign organisations, as a qualified Laboratory for the performance of tests. LA.P.I. has received the following acknowledgements::

ACCREDIA (accreditation no. 0086):Laboratory accredited for analysis of pyrolisismand combustion effluents, determination of optical smoke density, traction characteristics, compression and indentation resistance, ignitability of upholstered furnishings, calorific potential of building materials, resistance for doors and construction products…; the complete list of the accredited test methods is visible on
Important informations for the meaning of accreditation and for the use of the Mark ACCREDIA by the Customers of the Laboratory [Briefing Note]

The Ministry of the Interior’s (Ministerial Decree, dated March 25, 1985 and following changes and integrations): Laboratory authorized to issue ministerial certifications of reaction to fire for omologation of furnishings and building materials.

MURST (Ministry of Universities and Scientific Research): Laboratory qualified and authorized for Law no. 46/82.

Federal Railway Authority (EBA) LAPI authorized as testing laboratory for the certification of the products and materials in the railway field with the identification reference EBA-026/06/09

California Air Resources Board CARB authorized by the state of California – Air Resources Board as independent certification body (Third Party Certifier #024) for the certification of the characteristics of formaldehyde emission of wood-based panels

- Ministry for Industry: Laboratory notified and authorized to issue certifications for EC protective clothing – Directive no.89/686 EEC and Ministerial Decree, dated October 11, 2000.

Ministry for Transport:Tests in accordance with Directive 28/95/EC.

Ministry of Defence: Authorization by Ministry of Defence for testing on materials for barrack equipment.

ENAC Italian Civil Aviation Authority): Laboratory authorized for flammability testing according to FAR/JAR methods (Certificate no. 1007/L)

Bureau of Home Furnishings BHF of California): Laboratory authorized for reaction to fire of upholstered furnishings testing according to Technical Bulletin 117 methods (LA.P.I. test in agreement to TB 133 e TB 603)

Notified Body n° 0987 for Certification, Inspection and testing

  • PPE Personal Protective Equipment (Directive 89/686/CE)
  • CPD Construction Product Directive (Directive 89/106/CE)
  • MED Marine Equipment Directive (Directive 96/98/CE e 2008/67/CE) relative to Mod. D and F

Notified Testing Body

  • MED Marine Equipment Directive (Directive 89/106/CE) relative to Mod. B

Laboratory recognized in accordance with Directive 96/98 for furnishings materials and marine equipment in conformity with IMO, EC, MED test methods by:

  • Bureau Veritas Parigi
  • Lloyd’s Register Londra
  • Det Norske Veritas Oslo
  • Laboratory recognized byS.N.C.F. (Societé Nationale Chemin de Fer) for testing on materials used in railways area to determinate: smoke optical density, gas toxicity, gas propagation, inflammability according to AFNOR NF F16.101 (indice I, classe F)
  • Laboratory recognized by U.S.C.G. (United States Coast Guard) for testing on materials used in marine area in agreement with FTP CODE 61(67) e SOLAS 74
  • Member UNI
  • Member UNIFER as Laboratory involved in research project for FF.SS.
  • Member EGOLF (European Governative Official Laboratory on Fire)
  • Member ALIF (Association of officially Authorized Italian Laboratories for fire testing)
  • Member NFPA (National Fire Protection Associations )
  • Laboratory notified for buildings materials in accordance with Directive 89/106/EEC
  • Member of Standardization Committees in railway, building materials, textiles, upholstered furnishings and toxicity fields
  • Partner in UFIGREDA project with DG XIII-E-3 European Commission Sponsor.
  • Convention with AITA (Flame Retardant Textile Association)
  • Convention with Consorzio DNV – Modulo Uno
  • Convention with Federlegno – Assarredo
  • Member of ANIT (Thermal Insulator National Association)